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Creating Timetable, Detecting Conflicts And Managing Substitutions
Is Now Possible Through A Single Platform
Detect Timetable Conflicts In Real Time
For Active Timetables: SchoolPad's all in one software gives you options to create multiple timetables for one class but just one acts as active timetable

Once you have created the timetable you will have a button which instantly checks and gives you the details of all conflicts that it detects in real time.
For Inactive Timetables: In case you are creating an inactive timetable for a class in parallel which you want to activate sometime later maybe after a teacher leaves and a new teacher joins.

You can create the timetable with a different label and after creating use the buttons to check conflicts with inactive timetable as well as active timetables.
Manage Substitutions Quickly And Efficiently
SchoolPad's all in one software has an inbuilt substitution management algorithm that intelligently checks for replacement taking in consideration all factors like load of teachers, subject taught by teachers and the class.

This helps you get the most appropriate teacher on the top automatically which you can then assign as a replacement.
Print Classwise, Teacherwise and full School timetables
With flexible timetable printing options it makes it absolutely simple for you to take a print of any existing timetable in any format that you want to
This was just the timetable management. SchoolPad's all-in-one
software takes care of a lot more things for you.