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SchoolPad's All-In-One Software Gives You A Set Of Powerful Tools
To Simplify School Management, All On A Single Platform
A Quick Look At Some Of These Tools
Manage Students
View and manage all student details and generate quick reports
Employee Management
Manage all employee details and view them quickly
Fee Management
Keep track of all fee details including collection and dues
Timetable Management
Create Timetable for different classes with automatic conflict detection and substitution management
Attendance Management
Take attendance and share it in real time with parents and students
Examination CBSE CCE
Flexible examination engine to manage any examination flow including CBSE CCE Pattern
Circulars And Content
Share all School updates and content with parents and students within seconds
Send SMS and Emails to a complete or filtered list of students, parents or staff members
Multiple Dashboards
Personalized dashboards for users of different types
Why Choose SchoolPad's All-In-One Software
How other similar softwares work
School Management: Most similar softwares just take care of one aspect which is the School management including the administrative and academic tasks
One Time Setup And Support: Most similar software vendors sell the software once and a few months after the initial setup and support when the School needs them to clarify their concerns or make changes, they disappear leaving the School nowhere.
One Time Payment: Most similar software vendors charge a good amount of money upfront followed by a minimal Annual maintenance fee every year which is not enough for them to sustain and keep adding updates or changes which the School keeps demanding and this finally ends up into a failed implementation
How SchoolPad's all-in-one software works
School Management & Collaboration: SchoolPad's software takes care of both management and collaboration by bringing parents, students and teachers all on a single platform
Fanatical Support That's Available All The Time: We as a team focus a lot on support and helping schools use our technology because we know that once the School gets used to it, they will come back to us with more ideas and we help them execute these ideas to keep them going.
Pay As You Go: SchoolPad's software is available for Schools on a pay as you go model and there are different plans available to take care of all type of Schools. Schools pay us a service fee and we keep delivering our services including updates to keep improving the software
Want to go into more detail and see how it all works?