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Our Story
Who We Are
At SchoolPad, we are a group of passionate people working on a mission, which is to help Schools transform the way they operate. We feel that technology can be a powerful enabler for School Education. Building simple and powerful technology tools that can be used by Schools to simplify their management and collaboration is what we do. For us it is not just about selling a piece of technology but delivering an over all experience by helping Schools build their impactful ideas with the help of technology.
How We Work
Each one of us is extremely passionate about connecting with schools and educators to help them extract the best value out of the tools we make. This is one thing that lies at the core of our work culture and is one of the main reasons why Schools love to work with us.
Our Culture
SchoolPad is a place best suited for people who are passionate and excited about building technology tools. People working with us have the complete freedom to build technology stuff that they feel can make a difference. Building and shipping fast is what we do because that's the only way to get feedback fast which helps us make our products simple to use and thus more powerful.

There are no closed rooms as such. It's an open culture where anyone can talk, interact or have discussions and debates with everyone. Work and Fun goes hand in hand.

We have a complete post on our culture for people who want to join our team and here's the link: Wanna work with us? Here's the ultimate guide...