Why Teachers Can’t Ignore Technology

Be it today or 50 years from now, Teachers will always stand to be an important part of the classroom but what will change are the teaching tools. To serve the education needs of students and to help them learn better it’s important to deliver the right Education and in the right way.

Lot of Teachers worldwide are making great use of Technology tools to Educate students like never before. It’s important for you as a Teacher to treat Technology as your friend and understand how it can help you do wonders instead of running away from it because the Education needs or the way students consume Education will keep changing and it will be the Technology tools that will help you keep up with the changing needs.

Rather than an overhead consider Technology as an enabler because it enables you to deliver Education in your own way by transforming the same content and adding life to it by either giving it a new face or delivering it in a way thats more exciting for the students so that they enjoy and learn more out of it. This even makes it more exciting for you as a teacher to teach, thus bringing about a transformation in the overall classroom experience.

So to conclude, we feel that the power lies in the combination of Education and Technology and if adopted well by teachers, the results could be amazing.

In case you have a story of your’s where you feel that introducing technology helped you in some way or the other as an Educator, we would love to hear it. Go ahead and share it with us through the comments section.

  • Sweety Rastogi

    Technology can create wonders if used effectively in classroom. Boy who never used to answer in the class, always performed poorly, answered my query at once when I was using Yenka in the class.

    • admin

      Wow! That sounds great and thanks for sharing…

  • http://www.wiziq.com/KajalSenguptaPhysics Kajal Sengupta

    Yes, technology has worked wonders for my teaching work. I am a Physics teacher and have taught in different schools in India but unfortunately had to move from one place to other due to my husband’s posting. Then I thought of teaching online and now my place of stay does not affect my work. I am doing what I wanted to do at last.

    • admin

      We strongly feel that Technology as an enabler, if used well can prove to be of great use in Education and your case is a great example which showcases it. Thanks for sharing!