Wanna Work With Us? Here’s The Ultimate Guide…

Why this blog post?
We are writing this post in an effort to make our culture at SchoolPad transparent. Reading this blog will give you clarity on a lot of things including our work and our work culture. Writing this down also helps us focus and think deep about the kind of people we are looking for to build a great team and accomplish our mission at SchoolPad. In case you have any suggestions or feedback after going through this article, feel free to write to us at connect@schoolpad.in.

Here’s The Post:
SchoolPad is a startup with a clear vision which is to help schools promote student growth by spending more time innovating on teaching methodologies and academic stuff rather than spending more time on day to day management and related operations. We are on a mission to transform schools with technology and we very well know that it’s a big dream and a hard one but that is what keeps us going.

We at SchoolPad are a group of passionate people working hard, day in and day out, to solve real world problems to make an impact in the Education space. There are less people who get opportunities like these where they can a make an impact in the society or “put a dent in the universe” as said by Steve Jobs, and this is one of such opportunities or what keeps us excited and motivated as a team.

Few Qualities that we care about:

  1. Passionate about technology
  2. Have worked on atleast one coding project during School/College days which is not a part of the curriculum or training
  3. Quick Learner
  4. Clarity in thoughts
  5. Good logical thinking
  6. Friendly in nature
  7. Professional in approach
  8. Good communication skills
  9. Is not working on parallel projects

Few Qualities we do not care about:

  1. Education or Marks
  2. Gender
  3. Location
  4. Age

At this point after going through the article if you feel that this could be the perfect work culture for you to work in, we would love to talk to you. Send us your resume at apply@schoolpad.in

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  • vinay singh


    Nice to read about you guys.I really want to work with your company but in a slightly different manner.
    Though i am a technical guy still I want to look after the sales. I want to sell your product in school’s of Lucknow initially. I’m a business person so I want to work on commission basis and not on salary.

    Please let me know if you have such franchisee or distributorship model.

    fell free to call me any time.

    Vinay singh

    • admin

      Hi Vinay,

      Thanks for showing interest in SchoolPad. I have sent you an email as a reply to this post.