7 Ways To Spice Up Your School’s Newsletter

Newsletter is an effective way to stay connected with Parents and make them aware about the latest happenings in the School. It also acts as great piece of information for the Students and helps them keep in sync with the various activities and events happening in or out of the School. Schools spend enough time and effort to collect the best content and produce newsletters that can make an impact and ensure that Parents and Students read it.

Here are 7 ways to spice up your newsletters:

  1. Use Colours: A School newsletter should not look boring. It should have colours used in correct proportions so that the overall design looks attractive and forces Parents and Students to at least have a quick glance. Selecting brand colours used in your School’s logo is the best way to add colour to your newsletter and it can also help you promote your brand better.
  2. Use Pictures: Pictures make an impact. You should have enough pictures supporting your text so that the overall design of your newsletter never looks boring and monotonous. Pictures and Text should be placed in a clean manner so that it’s easy for the user to consume information and at the same time enjoy it.
  3. Good Paper Quality: If you are doing a paper newsletter instead of an online one, make sure that the paper that you use is glossy enough to support your newsletters overall design and make it look more attractive. A dull paper base will automatically give a dull look to your newsletter even if it has a good design.
  4. Highlight Events & Achievements: Your School’s newsletter should not always talk about the School history and other details. It should contain the latest happenings specifically the events and achievements, which keeps Parents, excited enough to read your newsletter every time it’s published. This also sends an impression that something new is happening in the School all the time, which makes a positive impact on the parent.
  5. Make It Interactive: Your newsletter should always contain at least one interactive item like a contest, a puzzle, a crossword etc. You can also ask Parents and Students to fill and submit these back and then you can announce winners or even incentivise them. This makes your newsletter even more exciting for Parents and Students and they enjoy participating.
  6. Share Useful Tips & Resources: Use your newsletter as a channel to spread awareness and educate Parents. Useful tips related to health and hygiene, healthy tiffin recipes, study tips etc are a few examples of content Parents like to read.
  7. Publish It Consistently: This is the key to a successful newsletter campaigns and at the same time it is the biggest challenge. Collecting great content, converting it into a beautiful looking newsletter and then doing this over and over can be difficult and this is one of the main reasons of why most newsletter campaigns fail. Give a good thought on the frequency of your newsletter distribution before starting it so that you get enough time between two consecutive distributions to gather enough exciting content and then making it ready to publish and distribute.

Following these points will surely help you attract more eyeballs but it is not an overnight process and takes time so the key is to do well with each newsletter and then doing it consistently. Would love to have your contributions in the comments section.

  • Rakesh Sharma

    These are indeed very useful tips towards publishing a newsletter. I am excited to use them in our next issue.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Rakesh Ess