5 Tips To Manage Your Data Better This Admission Season

We get a lot of feedback from Schools regarding the complexity in managing their Pre-admission data and specifically the walk in enquiries because once these enquiries start pouring in; the data coming on pieces of paper becomes difficult to manage. There is so much useful information hidden in these forms specifically the contact data that the School might require from time to time to keep the communication going with the interested enquiries but extracting this data consumes a lot of time and effort.

There can also be a lot of analysis done on this data to generate trends that can help Schools plan better but with all this data stored as paper forms, this is something out of picture. With Schools ready to collect admission enquiries for their next admission season, we thought of writing this post to cover 5 useful tips that could help Schools manage their data well and get value out of it even at later stages.

  1. Online as well as Offline: Collecting data and keeping a track of it in an organized way is important and if done well, this can simplify most of the processes involved in the complete Pre-Admission process. One good way of doing this is keeping a way to get registrations online. At least for people who can do this online, you should give them an option because this automatically collects the data for you in an organized way, which helps you focus on the walk in enquiries.
  2. Store data in an excel file: This is one of the most important steps. If you can organize your data by putting it in an excel file, it can really work wonders. Using the inbuilt data management options that excel provides, you can manage and analyze your data in an efficient manner without putting in a lot of time and effort. The initial data entry might take some time but it’s worth the time and effort.
  3. Keep your website updated: A School website is a great way to keep interested parents updated regarding the admission process from time to time. It acts as a self-serving way of communication where Parents can check the status of their form and can get the latest updates about the process from anywhere and at anytime.
  4. Record follow-ups: This is another important aspect because it helps you collect enough useful context that can help you during the final admission process. Make sure you keep a note of all the follow-ups that have happened with parents and save them individually for every Parent.
  5. Use an automation tool: Using a good tool that can help you automate your management and analysis is a great option to go for. Schools use Management Systems and ERPs to manage their data effectively and more than that it even helps them analyze the data in a powerful manner which helps them discover amazing facts and makes it all even more insightful. With integrated communication channels like SMS and Email, schools can automatically keep their enquiries updated from time to time, which makes it all easy and effective.

These tips if executed well will not only help you streamline your admission process but will also be a great experience for the Parents, who are a part of the process and they would relish it for sure.

In case you would like to add to this list, feel free to write your comments below. We would love to have your feedback.