The Biggest Mistake Parents Make Post Their Child’s School Admission

A significant increase in the number of nuclear families combined with increasing number of working parents is what we come across as a trend today. With this, we also come across another trend, which is the level of parental involvement specifically during the initial years of a child at School going down.

As a parent, if you think that getting your child into a good school and paying the required fee is all that you need to do then you might be on the verge of making a big blunder. It is true that parents today, need to put in a lot of effort and hard work in getting their children admitted into good schools, but that’s just the first step and not the final goal. Getting relaxed and moving out once the admission happens into a desired school could be a big mistake and ruin the entire effort and the progress related outcomes of a child.

School Admission

Let’s understand it this way, the complete school education system is nothing but an ecosystem comprising of 3 elements: Parents, Students & Teachers and missing out on any of these could break the complete ecosystem thus affecting the outcomes in terms of the quality of progress a child makes at School. It is the teamwork involved between the parents and teachers together which makes a child successful and helps him/her progress better by building a strong foundation at School.

Leaving it all on the school and assuming that the school is the only entity, wholly and solely responsible for a child’s education and growth is absolutely wrong. As a parent it is extremely important to be a part of this team and be involved through out this journey that a child goes through during his/her school days to make it a success.

Now, as a parent, once you become a part of this ecosystem, there are 2 ways you can contribute the best:

Being Supportive: A supportive parent will encourage his/her child and will be sympathetic and understanding. These parents will be highly committed to their child’s growth and education.

Being an Active Participant: An actively participating parent will actively participate in all the school activities of their child, be it academic or non-academic.

The combination of these 2 roles is what makes a parent truly involved and it is a proven fact that a student who has a truly involved parent grows better than a student with less involved parents.

So just before we conclude, a positive and meaningful interaction between the teacher and the parent is the key to a child’s success. It becomes easier for them to identify problems at an earlier stage, which might become a hindrance to the student later and affect the way he/she progresses in life. It is rightly said, “Better prevent and prepare than repent and repair”.


  • Ashish Kumar

    Dear blogger, very well addressed. But perhaps the whole issue is laying the onus on the school authorities cause parents at this age don’t have the time to spare,
    so the whole effort goes in going an extra mile on work front for survival or competence, as the case may be. But as mentioned by you, the issue can only be addressed by both the parties coming together viz. School and Parents for the betterment of the child.

    • Abhiraj

      Hi Mr. Ashish, Thanks for posting in your views through our comments section. You are absolutely correct here to say that the issue can best be addressed by both parties coming together and that’s what we are trying to do at SchoolPad by building better communication tools to bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers.

  • Jothi Vasu

    schooling system has to be completely changed in India.
    Till 10 years we should give the basics of all subjects relating to his career.
    from 10… on wards impart some technical Training in whatever field he wants to shine starting from Arts to science to Maths to History to Sports so he is completely independent.
    divide the course of the day to 2 sessions (i.e) 3 hrs of Theory,2 hrs of practicals and 1 hr compulsorily in sports.
    every month he should have a test and twice in a year there should be a project presentation.
    Quarterly,half yearly Annual exams have to be to be banned and made it to Two exams at the end of each semester which will be 5 months of study and a exam preceded.
    2 months Holidays which the parents and students have to do something for the Society. ask him to learn a foreign language like french,Spanish,German or Russian.

    Teachers also should do something for the uplift of the society.
    once a year the teachers in city have to go to Villages and work there.

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  • Roshan Sharma

    Dear Blogger, This one of the very fundamental issue that you have addressed here. With the fast pace life which most of us are living today and the lack of time..which has become an universal issue, may be the parents are not entirely wrong in having a higher expectations from the school in terms of taking care of their kids, not to forget the exorbitant fees they are been charged, but you are right. Getting a good school is not an excuse for shying away from their responsibilities. Parents should give adequate attention to their kids education and should have frequent to and fro conversation with the school authorities.
    Looking forward to hear more from you.