One Computer Science Lesson Every School Should Teach

It’s the information age and students are smarter than ever. There are so many instances that we come across where we see Children playing with gadgets and adapting to it at an unexpected pace. Age is no more a bar. Small or big, every child enjoys the technology tools of today. We being technology enthusiasts, feel the power of technology and the impact it can bring in terms of making the world a better place to live but to do so, it is extremely important to inculcate the education and the motivation that can help a child use technology right from his/her school days.

It’s not just about learning Technology but about building useful tools that can make things simple but today with the pace at which technology is changing, it’s important for students to keep up and keep improving and for that there is one most important Skill that we feel should be a part of every curriculum today. It is know as “Search the web” or alternatively know as “Googling” which comes from Google, the most predominantly used search engines of all.

There is so much information available on the Internet today but harnessing the best information in quick time comes with Practise. With the power of search engines, smart people are building super powerful tools today because with the help of these search engines they are able to extract useful and the right information to keep up with the pace at which new and more powerful technologies are emerging. This helps them build revolutionary tools without actually going to a classroom every time there’s something new in technology that they need to learn to improve.

With so much to gain we still do not see enough initiatives taken by the Schools to educate students and give them enough practise to leverage the best out of the search tools available on the internet. Schools need to generate enough awareness by showcasing real world examples which could help students connect and understand the power of search so that students use it often and in their day to day life to learn better and faster so that it becomes a second nature for them.

There’s so much happening in the online space today and with education itself starting to move online there’s going to be more information than ever on the internet and hence filtering the information to the get best out of it and in quick time will define success and hence students who understand the power of search and master the skill will undoubtedly lead.

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