Use Social Media To Motivate Students

The use of social media in Education has always been a confusing state in our country and it is still not something that is encouraged by majority of the educators but with the power and reach it provides, Schools with time are moving on to it. Today we see a lot many Schools who have their own facebook page and use it aggressively to share their vision with people.

Seeing Schools harness the power of Social media, specifically Facebook and sharing a lot of information about the School and it’s culture, we feel that it could be used in lot many ways but in this blog post we will be talking about one idea which we feel could be extremely useful for Schools which is to motivate students and keep them going.

In this blog post we would be focusing specifically on Facebook, it being the most dominant of all social media platforms in our country. Facebook is a platform with an amazing reach and once a School sets up it’s page and starts sharing, it becomes the virtual notice board of the School reaching out to a huge set of people including the Parents and Teachers of the School.

It’s not just about serving content but what makes it even more powerful is the inbuilt engagement functionality which makes the content go viral in quick time and it is this fact that makes it a great platform to reward a child’s contribution. It makes a lot of difference when a child is rewarded for his/her contributions in front of many people compared to when his/her efforts are appreciated in a small group and facebook makes this possible in a virtual way but still with a big impact.

With facebook Schools can promote the best contributions which in itself is a proud moment for the School and at the same time also promote the students behind these contributions. Schools can use Photographs, text or videos to unveil the faces behind the contributions that are worth appreciating. Also letting the child know that he/she is on the official page of the School so that the child can even show it to his/her Parents and friends and feel proud about it.

Motivation is the best way to keep people going and we feel that this idea has the power to make it easy for a School to create that moment of joy for a child which could aggravate the child’s performance by leap and bounds taking it to the next level.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the same in the comments section.