Why Schools Need To Be More Open On Social Media Platforms

With the massive growth in our Country’s Internet usage in the last 5 years and the scene looking even better for the next 5, there lies a great opportunity ahead of Schools, creating an impact by serving masses through the online platforms available. Lot of Schools have already started doing this by sharing information through platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc. and have found it extremely useful. It’s an exciting time for Schools because they never had a medium, which could connect them to a massive audience, and they could share their message, whatever it could be, so easily and efficiently but at the same time they also need to be careful that to make it really effective in long term whatever they share should be useful and impactful.

Talking about Facebook pages, which is one of the most popular mediums among Schools today, most of the them share information that’s just talking about the School. This could be Pictures of students, School achievements, Events and celebrations, student videos, educational quotes etc. but that’s just one type of information. We feel that Schools need to be more open and share information that’s more useful to the audience they are connecting to and that’s where the real opportunity lies.

Schools create a lot of good educational content and hence why not share it online with the audience they are connected to. This way Schools can even reach Students and Parents who might not even be a part of the School yet. Mock Tests, Quizzes, Solved Papers etc. are some examples of useful content worth sharing. Schools could also share general information for Parents like health tips, best practices, good habits etc. Doing this will help the School build a better and diverse audience, which would then help create a better impact.

With more and more new Schools coming up, making a choice is a task for parents. On the other hand Schools also need to differentiate themselves to stand out. Combining the power of useful content and the online channels available to share that content schools can reach out to masses, build audiences and make an impact.