School Diaries: Do Parents Read Them?

School diaries have undoubtedly been a great way to keep parent-teacher communication alive since years now. It has been one of the most successful ways to carry an important message from the School to the parent and vice versa and is still being used by schools for the same purpose.

Recently something related to the same topic caught our attention. We came across a few conflicting conversations both from the parent’s side and the school’s side on the same topic. We had schools telling us about their success with school diaries and how they ensure, that parents read them all the time, thus making it the best way for schools to communicate with parents and keep them informed.

Just a few days back we came across a few conversations where parents were interacting with school teachers about their children’s performances as usual. I was surprised to hear that none of the parents had any clue about the information being sent through the school diary. They were completely blank and had no idea about any of the updates being sent which projected a clear communication gap.

Does that mean, the school diary is no more a successful way to communicate with parents?  Does that mean, the school diary is no more effective? Well, we feel that the school diary has been a successful way to communicate since years and hence there is no doubt on its effectiveness. It’s just that with time things change, and so do people. Like many other things; school diaries might just become a victim of this change.

Today technology has transformed the way people communicate and share messages. Email, WhatsApp, Chat, SMS and Social networking sites are any day preferred over sending messages on paper. At SchoolPad we keep analyzing how parents and teachers communicate and it’s really exciting to see how with just a click of a button a message reaches directly to more than a thousand parents on their mobile and in their mailboxes within seconds. More than that you even have the evidence about the delivery of the message.

Compare that to a school diary where an important message has to be sent to more than thousand parents. Making sure that everyone notes it down, carries it along and shows it to their parent without tampering it is just so painful.

Seeing these benefits, we can clearly see school diaries becoming irrelevant and outdated with better technology tools in the next few years and the trend has already started.

We would love to have your feedback on the same and would appreciate if you could also share some of the most effective ways you use to communicate with your school parents.