Planning To Invest In A Technology Tool For Your School? Beware!

Technology adoption in Schools is growing faster than ever and the market is full of attractive technology offerings. There is a lot of innovation going on in terms of the tools that are available today like Robotic kits that help students build robots, 3D interactive Content, Tablets for better learning etc. Seeing and using them is a delight and we see Schools investing in them to add to their portfolio of Digital products and improve their digital brand because that is what significantly matters today.

Out of curiosity we used to take feedback from Schools that we got an opportunity to interact with because we always wanted to know these Schools better in terms of their technology adoption capabilities. To our surprise, a lot of such investments were on the verge of failure as the products were no more in use. Some of these looked really good and innovative but it was sad seeing their state.

We tried to gather some feedback around this and from all of it, there was one clear reason which was in majority for why it all failed. These products were amazing but at the time they were bought by the School, they were doing something exciting but not solving a real existing problem for the School. Because of this fact, these products slowly started dying and the School staff started loosing interest in them. They started becoming an overhead and were not giving enough value when compared to the effort spent by the teachers on it.

So the mantra for Schools or the learning here is that, when ever a School is planning to implement a piece of technology, it should ask just one question; Is the product they are going to invest in cool or is it useful and makes something easy and more effective? If the answer is the later, the stage is set to go ahead but there’s one more step before you can completely make it a part of your School, which is trying it.

Most companies offer a trial or a pilot for a small duration or a small set of students which helps you evaluate the tool specifically for your Schools scenario to get an idea of how it all works in your School and what’s the best you can get out of it. This also helps you plan your future implementation better if you are ready to go ahead after the trial, which is most important for it’s success.

We being an Education technology company, understand the power technology can bring into a School, but there is always a right time and a right reason for a School to introduce a technology tool and when done so, it becomes an integral part of the School that helps the School grow better and stronger.

So to summarize, Need analysis or why the tool is required, Trying and evaluating it accordingly and then buying it is the right approach to go ahead with the adoption of any education technology tool.

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