Parent-Teacher Relationships – 3 Thought Provoking TED Talks


2016 has arrived and all of us here at Schoolpad are hoping that you have begun the New Year on a high note.  This is our first exchange with you in 2016 and we wanted it to be different and special.  We know we have plenty of time during the rest of the year to share tips and information with you and have the kind of intellectual exchange that we have come to value a lot in the last year.  At the moment, however, we wanted to rejoice the arrival of 2016 with vigor and enthusiasm and mark the occasion with a message that shall set the tone for the days ahead.

On that note, we are sharing with you three fantastic TED talks that touch upon the aspect of parent-teacher relationships in a way that is both moving and extremely inspiring. Parental engagement has always been an important cornerstone of Schoolpad’s philosophy and endeavor. It is fitting that we start this year by reminding all of us how fundamental and multifaceted parent-teacher relationship is and how important it is for us to constantly strive to improve it.

We do hope that you like these videos and carry the motivation that they have to offer through 2016.

A Parent’s Wishes for His Child’s Teachers

Teacher and Parent Relationships – A Crucial Ingredient

Building Relationships Between Parents and Teachers