Parent Engagement And It’s Importance In School Education

Parent engagement or parent involvement is an important part of the School Education ecosystem. Parents try hard to get their Children admitted into the best Schools and when that happens, they usually tend to relax and that’s where things might start going wrong.

Research says that Students that have more engaged parents during their School Education life cycle perform much better when compared to other students at School. This leads to the fact that the School Education life cycle is not just about the student and the teacher but it’s a complete ecosystem comprising of 3 elements which are Students, Parents and Teachers and the real power lies in this Ecosystem.

We at SchoolPad focus a lot on making Parent Engagement easier because we clearly understand it’s importance and at the same time we also understand that in today’s busy world how much difficult it is for parents to stay in sync with their child’s growth at School. We wanted to work on this problem and make it easier for Parents to stay more connected and hence we discovered that the best way to solve this problem is by giving a super simple platform to Schools which they can use to keep parents updated through different devices and mediums so that parents can stay connected better and at their own convenience.

We have been doing this since the last 2 years now with amazing results and hence this we feel could be a game changer for Schools. As a part of this we have made a list of 3 most effective ways using which Schools were able to engage parents through our platform:

  1. Sharing important updates like circulars, events, PTMs etc through different mediums like web, email and mobile so that it is possible for parents to choose the most convenient way to consume information sent by the School.
  2. Keeping parents engaged through web based collaboration activities like polls, online contests, feedback and suggestions etc so that parents can participate from anywhere as per their convenience and feel more connected as their opinions are being valued and this will motivate them to get more involved with the School.
  3. Displaying them information that’s easily consumable and gives a complete picture of how their child is performing in School. Using SchoolPad, Schools have been able to deliver amazingly simple graphical reports online to parents using which parents could instantly get an idea of how their child is performing and were able to focus more on the weak areas thus catalyzing their child’s growth, sitting at home.

So to conclude, it’s important to understand that going to a good School is not the only thing which will help a child grow better. It’s about the complete ecosystem including Students, Parents and Teachers and connecting them all gives the student a setup that’s perfect for him/her to perform better, grow faster and achieve more.

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