“My Teachers Are Not Tech Savvy” Is No More Relevant

In the last couple of years we have interacted with a few School Principals/Owners personally as well as on phone and when ever we talk about education technology or a software, we often hear the same statement which is, “my teachers are not tech savvy enough and we don’t know whether they will be able to use it or not”.

In our initial days even we accepted it and it became a general perspective through out our team. We started taking special care specifically during our interactions with teachers so that we make it look really simple to them, but then there was this trend that we observed which completely changed our  mentality.

When we interacted with staff members and got to know them better, we realized that most of these teachers had their own Facebook accounts and used email well. They were also using tools like Excel, Powerpoint and Word. We were surprised to see that some of them even had LinkedIn accounts and were using them quiet well. Though there was nothing to get surprised about this fact, we were caught off guard because of our assumption of the “old school” thought that teachers are not tech savvy.

The message we are trying to share here is that a lot of us including the School management sometimes have this common perception that when it’s about technology or rather education technology, Teachers take a backseat, but that’s not the case anymore.

The way Internet penetration and adoption has increased in the recent past mainly because of the social networks and free online tools available, we feel that Teachers have become more open to technology tools than ever. At the same time we also feel that if they are still unable to use a piece of technology that’s created for them, the vendors need to bother and not the teachers. Vendors need to work more on improving their tools specifically the simplicity aspect and user experience or provide better support so that teachers can use it well.

To conclude we would like to share the result of a quick test that we did on LinkedIn (An Online Networking Platform For Professionals) out of curiosity to find the number of users who belong to the School fraternity and use LinkedIn:


More than 1 Lakh School staff members use LinkedIn today in India. We tried to make the search specific by selecting Primary Education and a few job titles that were on top of the head and suggested by LinkedIn. A few more job titles could have increased the number but 1 Lakh plus was a good enough figure to illustrate our point.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the same in the comments section.

  • http://www.wiziq.com/KajalSenguptaPhysics Kajal Sengupta

    We really need more survey reports like this. I have been a school teacher for a long period and it is only recently that I have switched to online teaching. Five years back I did not even know how to send an e-mail. Today I may not be tech savvy but I have overcome my fear of technology. I am sure millions of teachers are capable of using the latest technology with a little support from the vendors. Good luck to the teachers and the vendors too!

  • Barnali Bose

    In today’s world,it is absolutely necessary that teachers are techsavvy ,only then we ,teachers ,can upgrade ourselves to teach techsavvy students.Computer literacy is as important as proficiency in the subjects we teach otherwise students will fail to look upto us as role models. As teachers we cannot afford to depend on the chalk and talk method of teaching only .

  • Maheshwari Natarajan

    My teachers are quite tech savvy and are happy to try out new tools. There is a lot of swapping of ideas happening. Though this was not the case even a couple of years ago. I also must admit that there still are a few who are rather diffident about using technology of any sort.