Make Learning Fun With Badges

This is something that I have been thinking since long now and finally thought of writing on it. I personally come across so many applications on my mobile and the web now days that keeps me addicted not because they are useful or makes something easier for me, but just because of the way they are built. They have an inbuilt stickiness or motivation factor that keeps me going and every time I use any of these apps, there is something to go for. This effect is now very popular even among the educators and is known as Gamification.

A few quick examples of Gamification just to give you an idea: leader boards that show scores of a few people who are above you and a few who are below you and this keeps you going, A meter showing a percentage which motivates you to keep going till you reach the 100% mark, virtual badges that you can win for each achievement and the list keeps growing.

As far as classroom education is concerned and though most of the Gamification techniques can be used intelligently to keep students going but in this article I will be talking about Badges because I personally feel that badgifying your classroom could be the most simple and effective way of making learning fun and exciting for students.

Badgifying your classroom is absolutely simple, economical and could help you accelerate the learning process by making it more exciting and fun for students and the best part is that students will love to go for it. Here’s the magical recipe to badgify your classroom in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Evaluate the curriculum a student has to follow and make a list of points where you feel that the child might have to put in more effort or this could even be a test or a quiz after every lesson to make sure that students have understood the complete lesson and are ready to go forward.

Step 2: Create milestones at these points. So let’s say that there is a quiz after each lesson of 10 marks and people scoring more that 8 marks gets a 5 Star badge, people scoring 5-8 marks gets a 3 Star badge and students scoring below that win nothing just to keep the competition going.

Step 3: Create badges for each milestone and this is the most critical part because the name or the type of badges will actually effect the motivation levels, so spend some time on this and find out badges that can make an impact. For eg: Badges with cartoon characters, star badges, Badges with words like genius, guru etc.

These 3 steps might help you transform the learning experience for students and help students grow better though there are a lot many other ways of Gamification that can be put into action for the same purpose. You can even manipulate the steps mentioned above and can modify them to apply the complete concept more effectively as per your setup.

My only idea of writing this post was to throw the concept of Gamification in a more specific manner so that it enables educators to give a thought on it and then apply it.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section…


    Good Idea to use it in primary classes.

  • sweety rastogi

    I am doing this everyday in my classroom. Badges give motivation to many students. They try to learn every lesson in a better way because they are keen to earn badges. Who will not feel happy when rewarded?