Keeping Children Away From Internet Is Not The Solution

Internet is a massive reservoir of knowledge making it a great source of information for students. Students today make use of the internet in numerous ways specifically to overcome their educational needs and to great effect. Sites like Youtube, Slideshare, Wikipedia etc are changing the way Students learn and consume knowledge today but at the same time we see a lot of concern related to content and privacy among parents and educators.

What’s disappointing is that because of this a lot of Parents and Educators prefer to completely deprive children of Internet. This in no way helps the child but instead he/she becomes more curious about it and tries to use alternative means to get access which could lead to harmful consequences.

We feel that Internet has an incredible power to build a Childs future and Children can do amazing things but there has to be a right approach to guide Children on how to make the best use of it instead of keeping them completely away from it. Like other subjects or lessons taught in classroom, Schools should make it a point that they have lessons on teaching students on how they can harness the power of internet and make the best use of it. Children should be taught what’s right and what’s wrong and proper assignments should be designed for students to even practise the usage part.

At the same time Schools should also make it a point that they create enough awareness about the same among Parents so that they understand the power of Internet and how it can impact the future of their child and at the same time also become a part of the process and follow the same practices at home.

Being closely linked to the technology world, we understand how internet is making an impact in the lives of people today and how the current generation is using it for better growth and accelerated learning. We feel that the best way to train our students for the future is to lay a good foundation on aesthetics of using internet and harnessing it’s best because that could then help them sustain their future whatever the circumstances may be.

  • Dr. Avinash Moharil

    I also agree with the point. Recently the chool head master of my daughter’s school asked to deactivate her Facebook account. Earlier it was OK. But now as Facebook has allowed the children over age of 13 to use it, how can it be stopped altogether. On the contrary, I feel that students can be given training of its usage. Parents need to sit with them initially. Password can be with the parents and they can check the activity. But depriving them from the use will create extra curiosity in their mind and they will do it secretly somewhere. It is very easy for them to reach to net cafés and use internet. In this new world as much as we avoid this use, chidren will get attracted. Best way is to educate parents and make them spare time with the children. Keeping them away is certainly not a solution.

  • Manisha Potdar

    I agree that keeping children away from Internet is not the solution. internet is an useful and resourceful tool for generating knowledge and it is up-to us how we utilize this tool of our growth.

    It is important, crucial and difficult to inculcate the subtle quality of analyzing and to distinguish between GOOD (Right) and BAD (wrong), which is relative and dynamic in nature. This quality helps to build a person and its values, which affects the entire society. Therefore, it is a combined responsibility of teacher, educationist and each an every one of us as society member. We need to take this responsibility not for anybody else but for ourselves as “Our greatest natural resource is the Mind of our children’