Why Internal School Management Systems Are No Longer Relevant

It has almost been 2 years now since we started interacting with K-12 Schools and tried understanding the ways we could streamline their operations with the help of technology. The journey had it’s own challenges specifically during the implementation phase but at the same time the outcomes were extremely satisfying and worth the effort and time spent. During this journey we also covered a few Schools which were already using pieces of software that were deployed internally, operational on 2-3 machines and all the information stayed inside the School.

We implemented SchoolPad over these systems thus allowing the School to open access of data to Parents and giving them more transparency in terms of tracking their Child’s performance from anywhere and anytime. They could also communicate and collaborate with the School staff which made it extremely convenient and efficient for them to discuss and clarify their concerns related to their child’s performance and this was one of the most appreciated features.

All in all the point here is that with the increase in the internet penetration and sites like Facebook, Youtube, Google etc Parents are now more aware than ever about the Internet and use it frequently. What this has done is opened up an extremely powerful medium for Schools where they can connect with Parents and involve them through out their Child’s School education journey. This was not possible 10 years back at the scale and ease it is possible today. Seeing the way Parents use SchoolPad on a day to day basis seems as if they always wanted a platform like this and were just waiting for it to come.

We feel that it’s the right time for Schools to recognize and understand the power of Internet and use it to complete the ecosystem by connecting Parents, Students and Teachers together with the help of online tools and softwares which was never possible a few years back. Gone are the days when Schools used to have pieces of software installed on a few computers to manage a few accounts and student related tasks and all the information stayed inside the School. With improved internet penetration and devices like Smartphones and tablets, these systems have lost their relevance because it’s now possible to make the data available and accessible easily and economically from anywhere and at anytime and it’s just this fact that has made communication and collaboration so easy today which has led to better involvement of Parents and at the same time improved the productivity of the School staff.