Improving Your School’s Admission Process With SchoolPad

At SchoolPad we constantly strive to improve our existing features to bring them closer to what schools actually need when it comes to improving their productivity. As a part of this we rolled out a few enhancements to our Admission Inquiry platform early this year and here’s a small video that we created showcasing these features and how they work together.

The highlights of these enhancements were features through which schools could take their complete admission inquiry process online making it possible for parents to apply for admissions from anywhere, anytime over the Internet. Moreover schools were able to manage all of this data easily through a single platform, which also provided the facility to communicate with the shortlisted parents directly through SMS and email and track follow-ups for better insights.

School Admission

A few of our customer schools used the platform this year for managing their complete admission inquiry process and this not only included capturing the inquiry data but also managing all of it well by keeping a track of all the follow-ups, communication and conversions.  The highlight for us was the way Sri Guru Harkrishan Model School, Sector 38-D, Chandigarh used it because the way they shared it with us, we couldn’t stop ourselves from getting in touch with Mrs. Harpreet Kaur, Principal of the School to understand the process and share it with our audience through this blog post.

Here’s how they set it up:
The school used a combination of tablets and laptops and kept them at their reception area. Now with each parent coming in for the inquiry, instead of asking him/her to fill the form on paper, these devices were offered and the parents had to directly fill in their details in the form using any of these devices. On successful submission they received a SMS, which worked like a receipt of their successful registration.

Benefits as shared by the School after managing 300+ inquiries

  1. The admission inquiry platform on SchoolPad has helped us service all of our walk-ins, telephonic and of course the online inquiries for this year. Earlier parents were reluctant to share their information either verbally or in writing but now when we provided them a laptop or a tablet for filling the online form, they appreciated the privacy.Also the use of technology at the first step of interaction definitely created an inedible good impression and acted as a differentiator for us. The requisite fields like category, income, special needs etc. were provided conveniently. Earlier parents used to either suppress these or provide inaccurate data. The confirmation SMS also provide a sort of reassurance that the inquiry is now safe with the school and will be taken care of.
  2. We generally call parents over telephone and inform them about pre-admission formalities and schedules of the interactive sessions that we do with them but after capturing these inquiries we were able to send them SMSs every now and then.
  3. The data captured in the pre-admission form was effortlessly transferred once the student confirmed the admission using the one click admit button which reduced all the data entry effort substantially. This in turn reduced our processing time usually taken at the time of admission, which was highly appreciated by parents.
  4. The pending/admitted status feature helped us do a smooth transition to the new session this year. With the real time availability of information we were able to effectively communicate with existing and prospective student’s parents regarding availability of seats.
  5. Telephonic inquiries were also documented very well which earlier were sometime not recorded. This was evident from increase in number of inquiries. As confirmation number was generated every time, front desk couldn’t skip any query.
  6. The records of all the follow-ups that were captured helped us understand the reasons for pending, rejected or withdrawn cases. This was also helpful in understanding requirements and expectations of registering students and their parents.

A big thanks to the Principal Mrs. Harpreet Kaur for taking the time out to share these benefits and the use case with us! To know more about Sri Guru Harkrishan Model School, Sector 38-D, Chandigarh you can check out their website