Communication – Is It The Next Big Differentiator For Schools?

It’s almost been 3 years since we built SchoolPad with a mission to improve the levels of Parental involvement in schools through better parent-teacher communication. Since then we have been taking forward our mission and validating our tools with different schools but the real validation or what we call as the eureka moment came last year.

One of our customer Schools called us over phone just after a parent teacher meeting day got over and explained us how they were able to literally transform it with the help of SchoolPad. A teacher or a coordinator, surrounded by parents, each having their list of queries ready to get fired and eventually all of this ending into a total chaos was how a Parent Teacher meeting day looked like, but on that day, it was a different story altogether.

Parents came in, met their class teachers, had discussions about their children, completed their formalities and moved on. On inquiring further and getting into how all this happened, the school explained about their initiative of making parent-teacher communication an ongoing process and consistently doing it so as to build it into the cultural fabric of the school rather than confining it to certain days. That according to them was the key to making the initiative a success.

Now let’s look at it this way. What are the top expectations of a Parent for his/her child from a School? Going through some discussions on the same topic, here’s what we found as the top 3 expectations:

  1. All round development of the child
  2. Good academic progress
  3. Developing good manners and the fundamental social skills required to become a responsible citizen of the society

Moreover, all parents want their children to be happy, secure and comfortable at School.

Now if you go through all these expectations and run them through your mind, each of these can only be fulfilled if both Parents and Teachers are a part of it. It’s more like a team effort where teachers and parents work together and the only way this kind of collaboration can work is through better ongoing communication. It’s almost a necessity to keep parents in loop all the time and in sync with their child’s progress at school.

So we strongly sense a paradigm shift on the cards as far as parent-teacher communication is concerned and hence it’s a great time and opportunity for Schools to gain that early mover advantage because sooner or later this could become one of the most favourable factors being considered by parents while choosing a school.

If you are a parent or an educator, we would love to have your comments on this.