Parent Involvement

Personalized Communication – An Emerging Superpower for Modern Schools

Effective parent-school communication forms an oft-repeated core of SchoolPad’s philosophy—a crucial motivation that guides our many initiatives. This is deliberate—a…

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Student Attrition: The Elephant In the Room That Must Be Tamed

What is the most important indicator of a school’s overall health? Annual results? Performance? New admission statistics? The correct answer…

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Communication – Is It The Next Big Differentiator For Schools?

It’s almost been 3 years since we built SchoolPad with a mission to improve the levels of Parental involvement in…

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The Biggest Mistake Parents Make Post Their Child’s School Admission

A significant increase in the number of nuclear families combined with increasing number of working parents is what we come…

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The Power of Parental Involvement – A Mother Writes to Us And Explains

2014 was a great year for us at SchoolPad. Taking our mission forward we helped more than a dozen K-12…

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School Diaries: Do Parents Read Them?

School diaries have undoubtedly been a great way to keep parent-teacher communication alive since years now. It has been one…

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