Education Technology


AUTOMATION: This Word Could Be A Trap. Don’t Fall!

Automation, a powerful word which basically means automatic control of processes to reduce or minimize human intervention. Whenever used, this…

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Knowing Your Students Better

Every student is different and in different ways. We all know that because there has been a lot talked about…

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School Diaries: Do Parents Read Them?

School diaries have undoubtedly been a great way to keep parent-teacher communication alive since years now. It has been one…

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Managing Examination Data & How Excels Fail To Deliver

Examination is the most popular assessment tool used today when we talk about School education and that is what makes…

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3 Qualities To Look For Before Hiring Your School’s IT Staff

It’s the era of Technology so how can Schools be left behind. The use of technology in School education is…

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3 Most Common School Website Mistakes

In the last couple of years at SchoolPad, we have visited a handful of School websites as a part of…

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The Right Approach To Parent Teacher Meetings

While working with schools, we come across various activities and processes followed by them related to their day-to-day operations. It’s…

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“My Teachers Are Not Tech Savvy” Is No More Relevant

In the last couple of years we have interacted with a few School Principals/Owners personally as well as on phone…

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3 Fields Every Modern Day School Admission Form Must Have

Every school has an admission process and one of the most important aspects of an admission process is filling out…

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3 Key Checks Before Investing In Your Next Education Technology Product

Technology adoption in education is an emerging trend in India and a wave that every School wants to be a…

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