Don’t Blame Teachers, Empower Them

It has been quiet some time now since we started interacting with teachers and non-teaching staff members at different Schools and at the same time we also keep interacting with people who could be Parents or friends collecting their perspectives generally about schools and school education. Unfortunately, hearing the feedback, it looks as if the scenario today is slightly not in favour of the way education and teaching is happening.

It’s so common to hear how children today are more aware than teachers specifically when it comes to technology and hence teachers need to update themselves since they are not able to provide the proper education a Child needs today. I don’t know exactly but I am sure that even school management would be facing issues like these normally and would be getting worried about it at times.

Though I am not an expert at this but generally in my interactions with teachers, I have felt that they can actually do a lot more provided that they are given the right tools and the right training to get the best out of these tools. Today most of the teachers have the knowledge of basic excel, powerpoint, word etc and I have personally seen them using these tools well. Saying they don’t know technology is absolutely incorrect. Also if we talk about the internet, today teachers use the internet a lot more than they ever did. With tools like Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and social networking sites, teachers are more aware about the Internet and how to make use of it than ever before.

I have heard people talking about technology replacing teachers and to be very frank, in my perspective that’s an insane thought. Every teacher brings in with him/her a handful of real life experiences which combined with the teaching content makes education effective. We can never eliminate the human element. Instead we need to understand the need of the hour which is enhancing the capabilities of Teachers and one way this can happen is by giving them the right tools and the right training on using these tools. This is what we have experienced at SchoolPad and hence all these points are backed with realities.

Lot of Schools have realized the fact and have already started using tools and doing teacher training programs to address this concern and I personally feel that such schools will automatically progress faster as time proceeds. Would love to hear your take on this.

  • shamila

    Totally agreed! I feel you hv penned down my feelings I am a teacher too and use Internet a lot but my colleagues keep struggling how to go about it. !

  • shamila

    Loved the article! Keep it up

  • Lakshmy

    good article..

  • Haleema Javeed

    Technology can be used only to update one’s knowledge and it can be an important tool for a teacher to keep herself informative and aware of the world’s activities and innovations.