The Right Approach To Parent Teacher Meetings

While working with schools, we come across various activities and processes followed by them related to their day-to-day operations. It’s interesting to see how these schools follow the same processes but execute them so differently.

As a part of this and out of curiosity we got in touch with a few Schools who focus more on Parental involvement and thought of discussing about how they manage their Parent-Teacher meetings.

The reason to why we selected these few schools and the topic was that, these schools came back to us once and mentioned about how they were able to streamline their Parent Teacher meets with SchoolPad.

To start with, we tried to understand the process from scratch so that we could have a clear “before/after” version of it. After going deeper this is what we perceived about Parent-Teacher meetings:

Parent Teacher Meeting

So a meet, which is supposed to be a discussion with the child’s teacher to understand his/her progress and the areas of improvement, turns out to be a grievance redressal session, where most of the time and energy is spent on a list of complaints emerging from past incidents instead of discussing the child’s progress, which is what matters more.

This is a common scenario but what excited us most was how these Schools nailed it just by improving one thing, their parent-teacher communication. They allowed Parents to send in their queries/complaints and solved them as and when they occurred. What that did was, it left Parents with not much grievances on the parent teacher meeting day and hence they were ready to spend time on discussing the right things. More importantly, they were a lot happier because most of their concerns were already resolved.

At the same time it also made it a lot easier for teachers to address parent’s queries as and when they occurred rather than answering them all on a single day when it’s difficult to even recollect past incidents.

So to conclude, frequent communication between teachers and parents was what changed the course completely for these Schools and hence that’s the approach, Schools need to follow to get the real value out of their Parent-Teacher meetings. With increase in the adoption of Internet, schools must leverage the opportunity by using tools like email, SMS & social sites which could prove to be an effective starting point to encourage better and frequent Parent-Teacher communication.

We would love to have your opinion on the same. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section.

  • Anagha

    It is a good suggestion to link with parents through the Internet. But at the same time free and fast internet availability is a necessity. Also the work schedule of the teacher must be managed so as to make a scheduled slot for the activity. Otherwise the teacher will have no free time for her own other responsibilities.