7 Ways To Get The Best Out of Your School’s Facebook Page

Facebook is an incredible platform and with its current reach, it proves to be the number one choice for brands and businesses to connect with their fans online. At the same time lot of Educational Institutions are making a great use of it to connect with students and their parents and building an online community where they can share lots of useful information rapidly.

Lot’s of Schools and Colleges now have their own Facebook page, which helps them connect with their audiences and spread useful information in real quick time. If used well a Facebook page can act as the most powerful tool for Schools to share information online and if that’s the case, even the parents and students would love to come back again and again to find useful information which helps the School create an Active online community.

Here are a few ways by which Schools can make the best use of a Facebook page:

  1. Cover Photo: A cover photo acts like a billboard and is the first thing that a user sees on the page. A School should spend enough time to think and design their page’s cover photo because a cover photo has to go with the Vision and the Brand of the School and should not look irrelevant. An impressive photograph of your School building, Children playing together, A teacher teaching in the classroom etc are some of the good examples which can be put as the cover photo but what’s most important here to make an impact is that it should look clean and professional.
  2. Share Upcoming Events: Sharing events through a Facebook page gives you an opportunity to broadcast event invitations to any number of students and parents on your Facebook page within a couple of minutes. It also helps you collect feedback about people who would be attending these events which helps you plan your arrangements better.
  3. Share Important News: Facebook page acts as a great medium to update the student and the parent community with the latest and the everyday news about the School. This specifically keeps parents connected with the School and in sync with the latest School happenings.
  4. Share Photos: This is one of the most impactful features of your School’s facebook page and using it well can simply delight parents. With so many events happening in the School, parents want their children to participate but if they can see their children participate in these events and activities through photographs, they would simply get delighted. Schools can easily share photographs of teachers teaching, students playing, students collaborating, events and celebrations, trips and picnics etc. with their Facebook audience to give them an insight of the School.
  5. Make Announcements: Facebook is a great platform for Schools to share Announcements. It gives them an opportunity to put an important statement across any number of users in their audience and what’s more impactful is the reaction because once your announcements starts getting likes, it automatically starts going viral and as a result more people connect to your page.
  6. Get Feedback: You can use your Facebook page to connect with your audience and collect useful feedback. Search for the word “Poll” in your Facebook’s search box and you will find a few free apps that will simply connect with your School’s page and you can then use them to get opinions on various questions easily and quickly. You can similarly connect to other Survey apps to collect more detailed feedback.
  7. Share Videos: Videos are extremely powerful as they have the ability to actually demonstrate what it is about unlike pictures and hence Schools can share videos about events and performances, Teachers teaching in classroom, meetings and can even share full lesson tutorial videos, which Students can use to learn online.

Facebook has always remained to be a fear among educators because of various reasons but if used well and in a planned way, it can prove to be an extremely powerful tool for Schools to make a bigger impact and this is the reason why most Schools are now moving to it. We would love to hear your comments on the same in the comments section…

  • Wahiba A Rahman

    I completely agree that Facebook for schools is an amazing idea but it needs one person to be in charge of it all the time.
    How can We cut the cost and make everybody responsable and accountable??

    • admin

      Hi Wahida,

      You can have a team of 2-3 people and these could be from your teaching or your PTA staff.

      You can then distribute the Facebook tasks among them so that you are able to get better output without putting much load on a Single staff member who might already be involved in lot of other activities and at the same time, be able to cut costs.