5 Ways To “WoW” Your School Parents

At SchoolPad we understand the value of parent engagement in Schools and how it can impact a child’s performance but at the same time we also understand that for most Schools a parent teacher meet or an occasional event where the parents get invited are the only ways to interact with parents. With limited time and opportunity these events end up as mere formalities without providing enough value that a parent can actually extract from such an interaction.

We have been working since our inception on creating powerful and easy to use tools for Schools to help them not just connect but even engage parents on a day to day basis by providing a great over all experience in terms of the communication and collaboration that can happen between parents and the Teachers.

After giving these tools to multiple Schools and helping them use it well for more than a year, we thought of getting a sense of how parents feel. We collected and analyzed the feedback provided by parents to these Schools, and we were delighted to see a lot of messages which clearly revealed their happiness. We then made a list of some of the most favored factors responsible for this and thought of writing a blog post to share these and help Schools get a sense of what could help them create the same experience for their parents:

  1. Make it easy for parents to communicate with teachers: This is the most favoured way because it gives an opportunity to parents to discuss even their smallest concerns with their teachers. We saw a lot of feedback where parents were happy to solve problems and have discussions related to their child sitting at home and in quick time. It was clear from their feedback that they never expected something like this.
  2. Share child’s progress proactively: With so many activities happening inside a classroom parent’s love to get information on a frequent basis about their child’s performance as it helps them focus on their child accordingly. It is not just about the marks, parent’s are more interested today to know about the overall growth of their child and the Schools working with us are already doing it through reports, graphs and pictures and parents love it.
  3. Keep parents informed: It is important that the information sent by the Schools to their parents reaches them in time. Simply sending pieces of paper sometimes creates a problem because either these pieces do not reach parents or parents being busy miss it. Schools notifying through Emails and SMS, which are sent directly to parents, make it easy for them to make sure that they do not miss any important information and parents find it extremely useful.
  4. Involve parents in fun activities: Have you ever tried creating activities for parents where they can participate and get them selves engaged. Schools working with us do this often and parents specifically mothers who are housewives love it.
  5. Take Feedback from parents when ever possible:Integrating parent’s feedback helps you plan your School’s decisions better and even parent’s enjoy participating because they feel a part of the School. Schools working with us do it often with tools like Polls and Consent Forms.

We hope that you find these ways useful and of great value. In case you would like to contribute and add to the list, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.