5 Ways Schools Can Use Online Polls To Plan Better

Planning is an integral component of effective management and leadership in organisations. With the amount of initiatives Schools take today, planning becomes extremely important for the success of these initiatives. For the success of each initiative Schools try to put in teams consisting of the best people who can plan well and  put these plans into action.

At SchoolPad we have always tried to help Schools get as much feedback as possible and as a part of this we rolled out online polls a couple of years back and since then we have been watching how Schools use it and the outcomes have been magical.

We never thought that an online poll could help Schools collect feedback that could help them plan their initiatives the way they never could. Seeing the power of online polls, we thought of sharing it with School administrators across the globe through this blog post and to illustrate better we handpicked 5 ways of how Schools have been using these polls with great use:

1. Planning vocational courses/workshops: Schools keep doing vocational courses and workshops for students so that they cannot only learn more but can even diversify their skills. Sometimes these initiatives incur cost and hence Schools try their best to make sure that most students enroll to extract the best value out of the course but that does not happen. This is how one of the Schools we are working with used an online poll to interact with Parents and Students before conducting a paid course to get a trend of interest. Here’s an example:



2. Knowing the audience: Sometimes there are initiatives that the School wants to go for but with the amount of choices available even the School gets confused about which one to start with. Schools have used online polls extremely effectively in situations like these. For example: one of the Schools we are working with wanted to go digital but with so many options available today, they were confused with what to go for and here’s how they did a poll for it:



3. Planning Trips: Schools keep conducting trips for students and staff members but planning these trips has always been a challenge. This is where Schools have used the power of polls with great success. Here’s an example:



4. Planning Resources: Schools keep investing in resources and equipment to give better facilities to Students but sometimes feedback can help Schools get the best value by planning resources in the most adequate manner. Here’s how a School extracted useful feedback with the help of a poll when they were planning to invest in sports equipment for their School:



5. Planning Events: Schools keep conducting events to promote extra curricular and keep themselves connected with Parents by inviting them but to make these events successful it’s important that participation especially of parents remains at it’s best. Here’s an example of a School, which intelligently used a poll to get feedback for their upcoming Annual day to improve parent participation:


If you have been using polls for planning events/activities in your School, we would love to hear your experiences in the comments section.