5 Trend Reports Every School Must Track

Every school strives hard to produce the best students who can excel in all spheres of life and to do this they work hard to provide the best education and a great overall experience which every child relishes. Even after trying hard some schools struggle to do so because there is an important element, which they miss due to which they do not get the best returns on their efforts.

Monitoring and tracking the overall progress from time to time is what we are pointing to and in this blog post we will be taking you through 5 specific trend reports which if tracked consistently can help schools generate the best value out of their efforts.

  1. Subject Wise Progress: This is an important trend which every school must track from time to time because not only it shows the progress of students who are doing good in specific subjects but it also shows the subjects where the majority of students might not be doing well consistently. This helps the school analyze their teaching methodologies and spend time on discussing the factors which could be responsible for the negative trend so that they can improve or replace their old methodologies with newer and better ones to improving the overall outcomes.
  2. Student Wise Attendance: This is again an important trend to monitor as it provides a clear picture of Students that are not consistently coming to the school or have attendance less than a fixed percentage. You can then discuss and counsel these Students or have a conversation with their parents on the reasons so that these students start attending the school more frequently, which will automatically help the child progress better.
  3. Extra Curricular Participation: School is not just about academics but it also organizes a lot of extra curricular activities for students and focuses a lot on student participation in these activities which can provide diverse experiences to them and can then help them grow better in various aspects of life. Because of this reason it becomes extremely important for the school to keep a track of students not participating in any of such activities so that they can motivate them and bring them forward to participate.
  4. Parent Satisfaction: Keeping your school parents engaged is extremely important because parent engagement is one of the most important factors that catalyzes student growth and hence keeping a watch on parents with frequent grievances and then addressing these grievances is a must.
  5. Staff Performance: Keeping a check on the overall staff performance in terms of the academic progress and the feedback provided by the students is again important. Rewarding good teachers and helping the ones that are not performing well will help improve the overall growth rate of the students and the school.

Though some of these reports might consume a lot of time and effort or might be difficult to generate manually, schools can make use of technology because measuring the outcomes and then making improvements from time to time is the most effective way to deliver the best school education and providing a great overall experience to students and parents.