5 Ideas To Kickstart Your School Blog

Powerful content has always been a great way to connect with people and with social media becoming so powerful, distributing content and reaching out to people has become easier than ever. We feel that this is a great time for Schools to build a powerful online presence and spread their vision, ideas and share knowledge thus building a strong online community.

We have been talking about this already in our previous posts but there is a specific content type, which fits best in, a completely different category popularly know as blog and hence we thought of taking it separately in this post.

Many a times Schools consult with us on the best ways to share content like news articles, student essays, event coverage etc. which are frequent in nature and need a complete page to cover itself considering the amount of content. We feel that a blog is the best way to serve such class of content and hence to encourage Schools to start with it right away, here are 5 things to start your blog with and make it worth reading.

  1. News: Your School’s blog can be used as your online newsletter for Parents and Students. You can have a daily, weekly or a monthly dose of news published on your blog, which could contain information about the happenings in the School during that period. You can then share this content through social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. to engage Parents and Students.
  2. Event Coverage: You had an amazing event in your School and the next day it comes in the Press but that’s not all. It is extremely important to do an online press release as well because that’s where a lot of your audience is today. Have a small write-up on your blog covering the highlights of the event with some pictures and that’s it. You are now all set to share this piece through social media and get more people to know about it.
  3. Student Contributions: You can always have a section to showcase the best student contributions, which could be write-ups, drawings, photographs etc. and your online community specifically the Parents would love it. This will also encourage students to come up and contribute because they might see their name in the list, which will keep them, excited all the time.
  4. Achievements: Sometimes there are achievements that can just not be showcased on social media through photographs because they have a story around it to tell. Blogs are a great way to showcase such achievements. Build a nice story, put in some pictures to add more life to it as if it was an article for a magazine and you are done. Go ahead and share it on the social media to spread the buzz.
  5. Share Knowledge: Blog is a great medium to share knowledge and useful resources. Schools can share their operational ideas that are worth sharing or post useful tips and resources that could help Parents or Students in some or the other way. This could help them build a more engaging online community thus building a strong online brand presence.

You might already be doing some or most of these things already either on pieces of paper or via emails but putting them into blogs keeps them more organized which makes it easy for your audience to browse through but what makes it most powerful is the ease with which you can put your content in no time and bring it out for the public.

Feel free to add to the list by putting in your ideas or feedback in the comments section.