5 Effective Ways Schools Can Use Google Forms

Feedback is an essential part of effective learning and at the same time there are lot of other requirements for which Schools need to collect feedback or consent from the parents or the staff on frequent basis. Doing this on pieces of paper makes it a complex process because printing, circulating, collecting and then evaluating feedback is not easy when done on paper and requires cost plus effort.

At SchoolPad we keep finding ways where in Schools can use good and simple technology to solve their problems in an easy and cost effective manner. As a part of this we thought of dedicating this week’s blog post to share 5 effective ways using which Schools can not only collect feedback but do lots more and the tool we are going to talk about today is Google forms.

Google Forms is a useful tool to help Schools plan events, send surveys or consent forms, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way and more than that, it’s absolutely free. Here are 5 effective ways of how Schools can use Google forms to collect quick feedback or perform an evaluation:

  1. Consent Forms: With Schools doing so many activities today, it’s important for them to take the consent of Parents whenever required to ensure their participation and hence Consent Forms have become a necessity today. With Google forms Schools can quickly create and share consent form with Parents and analyze the results in quick time.
  2. Polls: Online poll is an extremely powerful way of collecting feedback and Schools can create online polls by creating a Google form and then analyzing the result by using the “Summary” option which automatically draws a graph showing a clear trend for the poll.
  3. Teacher/Student Feedback: Google forms are also a great way to collect Teacher Feedback or Student Feedback. You can create a form with all your feedback parameters and using the “Summary” option in results, you can quickly decide on the best and the worst.
  4. Online Quizzes: Online tests and quizzes are becoming popular today and hence Schools can create and share these quizzes or tests online through Google forms. Students can then appear for these quizzes online from anywhere they are and even the evaluation becomes easy for the teachers with all results that get generated automatically in an excel file.
  5. Event Registration: Every time there is an event in the School, one of the most important things Schools worry about is inviting people and it becomes more difficult when it’s a public event. Google forms make it absolutely easy. You can create and share a participation form within minutes.

These are just a few ways of how Schools can use Google forms but there are so many more opportunities to simplify data collection using them. Below are a couple of tutorials to help you get started with Google forms:



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