5 Downloadable Templates To Manage Your Classroom Better

Managing a classroom has always been a difficult task for teachers and we see a lot of Teachers and Coordinators today, using tools like Microsoft Excel, Word and many more to manage their classroom and the related data. Though these tools are highly efficient and helpful but some times with data that needs to be structured, Teachers spend a lot of time working on the cosmetic stuff like designing tables or formatting the data to make it look more useful and get more meaning out of it.

To make this task simple we have handpicked 5 useful Microsoft Excel/Word templates to help Teachers structure their data quickly and easily:

  1. Gradebook Template: This template is designed for teachers to manage marks of their students and the calculations happen automatically. It includes a student summary worksheet, with summary sections for each student that can be printed out and sent home to parents as a progress report. Click here to download
  2. Test Template: A useful template for teachers to create tests in quick time. These tests could contain several question types like multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, and essay. You can save it and use it again and again to quickly create tests and quizzes with consistent styles and formats. Click here to download
  3. Lesson Plan Template: Plan your lessons and record them quickly and easily with this weekly lesson planner template. It has fields to take different period names and the corresponding notes. Click here to download
  4. School Supplies Sheet Template: This is a useful template for coordinators or inventory managers to keep a track of items allocated to students or other staff members. Click here to download
  5. Child’s Information Template: This comprehensive form template can store contact and medical information for each child on file in case of an emergency. Click here to download


We wish that these templates prove to be useful for you and in case you have more similar links, feel free to contribute to the list in the comments section.