4 Creativity Enhancing Activities No Child Should Miss

Creativity in classroom has been a popular topic since a while now and educators are spending a lot of time on it because they have realised the fact that creativity is the integral part of Education and to make students future ready it’s important for them to make students more creative. Creativity will also help students learn faster and adapt to jobs they opt for in the future that don’t even exist today.

We feel that the best time to start working on enhancing creativity of students is when they are in School specifically when they are in their primary classes. That’s the time when a child’s brain is young and hence it is the best time to mould it and make it more creative. In this article we want to cover a few basic activities that are not limited to the classroom or do not require any special material so that parents can easily try these at home and can do their bit to enhance the creative side of their child’s brain.

Following are the activities:

  1. Artwork: Children love to draw and paint but instead of constraining them it is always better to give them the material and leave them alone. Let them express their feelings and ideas, as well as develop their imaginative and creative skills because at the end of the day that is what’s required.
  2. Clay Modelling: Children enjoy playing with clay specifically because with it they can create their world of ideas, destroy it and then recreate it which helps them filter their imagination till they find perfection in what ever they make.
  3. Floral/Rangoli decoration: Children love colours and enjoy playing with them. Asking them to make decorations using flower petals or colours that will help them think deep to come out with something that looks good and this activity will help them improve their design aesthetics which will further help them enhance their creative skills.
  4. Origami/Collage Making: Children love paper craft activities because it enables them to use different objects like paper, scissors, glue etc and combine them all with their ideas to create beautiful looking tangible objects which they can then showcase to the world. It promotes their learning and creative abilities and more than that the objects can be used as starting points for things like story writing, puppet shows etc which makes the complete exercise even better and useful.

There are a lot more activities that you might be thinking of at this point which can be added to this list but the main purpose of this article was to cover a few basic activities that are the easiest to try so that Parents can get to know about the importance of creativity in today’s world and how it connects to the future readiness of their Children once they pass out from Schools. At the same time this article also shows how easy it is to get started with these creativity enhancing activities without going anywhere or spending an extra bit on it.

So go ahead and try these activities with your children so that they can use their thinking skills to translate their ideas, concepts and experiences into representation thus making them more creative.

  • garima

    great ideas …I do use them while guiding parents and mentors…