3 New Year Resolutions To Improve Your School’s Digital Presence In 2014

Technology adoption in School education has been faster than ever and we wish to see the change happening at an even better rate in the upcoming year, which is on the verge of taking birth. Year 2013 has been a great year for us at SchoolPad as well. We have been working with several Schools helping them use technology to simplify their operations and at the same time writing about some new and powerful ideas through which Schools can make an impact using technology to improve their academic and administrative initiatives and thus empowering student growth.

We will keep doing the same in year 2014 as well and will try to bring more useful posts but our idea of writing this post is to specifically encourage Schools who are still waiting to adopt technology and make it a part of their system because with the new academic year around the corner and the current year almost at the verge of ending, this is a great time to look back and plan. Though their is a common saying that resolutions are made to be broken but it is a great time to think about your problems that acted as constraints for your School in terms of providing better education in the current year and then think of how Technology could have solved it. Go ahead and convert your solutions into resolutions to overcome these problems and come out better and stronger by the end of year 2014.

To help you with this activity here are 3 Resolution ideas that if adhered to will help you have a stronger digital presence and a better impact:

  1. Building an online presence: This is the most preliminary step that you need to take to have an impactful digital presence. Whether it is your website or a Facebook page or a blog, it is extremely important to be present online to connect with the people around and spread your School’s vision. Around 213 Million people in India use Internet out of which more than 70% of the Internet population in India is on the Social media. This clearly shows the massive impact you can create with a powerful online presence because of the reach it gives your School as a platform to share useful and impactful information and create awareness.
  2. Improving Parent engagement: The School education ecosystem consists of 3 main components: Teachers, Parents and Students out of which the Parent component seems to be the most disconnected in terms of engagement in the School. Even research says that more is the Parent involved with the Child in his/her School progress, better is the performance of the child. For this to happen it is important for Schools to build a community where Parents can stay connected with the teachers and are more informed about their child’s progress. To achieve this Schools can put technology platforms in place that promote communication and collaboration by bringing Parents, Students and Teachers onto a single platform.
  3. Use technology tools to enhance teaching: There are so many efficient ways you can use technology today to create better and powerful content or enhance your teaching style that can help students learn better. Also there are powerful tools available that take care of your management tasks giving you more freedom and time to work and spend on things that matter more to you as an educator. Go for tools that can solve your problems and are easy to use. Beware of tools available in the education market that look attractive and cool but are not really useful in terms of enhancing something or solving a real problem for you. Ask yourself of why you are going for it or what problem is it solving for you and have a clear perspective even before you try and evaluate.

We hope that these resolution ideas become a part of your resolutions list and get executed to make your School even better and stronger in the upcoming academic year.

  • Peter White

    Thanks for this, it is very interesting to note that your recommendations are as valid for our primary school in New Zealand as they are in India.