3 Ways To Organize Parent Teacher Appointments

At SchoolPad we understand the importance of Parent-Teacher connect and have been working since our inception to build simple online platforms that can streamline the way Parents and Teachers connect and communicate but at the same time we also understand that it can never replace the impact of an offline interaction.

There are occasions when a Parent feels more comfortable going to the School and meeting the teacher to discuss about his/her child but many times Parents don’t get satisfactory results. Either the teacher is not available for the meeting or she is busy and hence has limited time which might not be enough for a Parent to take up the matter in detail.

Here are 3 ways to streamline your School’s Parent-Teacher appointment fixing process:

  1. Have a simple multi-channel appointment fixing process: School needs to make sure that their appointment fixing process is simple and clearly conveyed to the Parents. Today, since lot many Parents have access to internet, Schools can even offer an online way to fix appointments where the Parent just needs to select the teacher with whom he/she wants an appointment, put in the dates as per the availability and done. The online system should automatically take care of the rest from then on. School should also have a phone number, which is frequently conveyed to the Parents and easy to remember for fixing appointments.
  2. Maintain a scheduler: Schools must maintain a scheduler, which is simple to understand and make changes. A scheduler makes it easy to find available slots and fix appointments accordingly thus helping avoid any last minute hassles both for the parent and the teacher. Schools can make use of Google calendar which automatically takes care of the scheduling or an excel file which is simple to search and update.
  3. Notifications: This is an important part of the overall appointment fixing process because it helps both the teachers and parents stay updated on the Appointment status. There are lot many times when an appointment needs to be either changed or cancelled due to some or the other reason. Putting a good notification system in place to keep the parents and teachers updated is extremely important to avoid any last minute goof ups. In case you are using an online system for appointment scheduling, it’s always good to have integrated notifications, which are sent automatically when ever the status of an appointment changes.

Following these 3 ways will ensure a smooth appointment fixing process and will help your School’s Parents and Teachers get the most out of their meetings resulting in satisfactory outcomes.