3 Qualities To Look For Before Hiring Your School’s IT Staff

It’s the era of Technology so how can Schools be left behind. The use of technology in School education is increasing and with it are increasing, the worries and challenges of implementing and managing these technology services.

There is a sudden rush in the Education technology space and we see all kinds of tools and services available for Schools today. At the same time it’s almost a requirement now for Schools to keep up with the changing scenarios using Technology and this is where things start to get complicated.

With so many tools and vendors trying to sell services and products today, it’s difficult for the School management to evaluate and decide what’s actually useful and would work for them.  For the same reasons most of the Schools even hire dedicated IT staff but still things don’t work out the way Schools plan to.

At this point it’s either the vendor who is responsible for bad support or the School’s IT staff which was not adequate enough to setup and get things started. With the growing need for adoption of Technology tools in School education it’s important to hire the right IT staff. To help you out with this task, we have listed out 3 most important qualities to look for:

  1. Passion for Technology: This is the most important quality and the foremost one that you need to look for in your next IT hire. Technology keeps changing and hence Passion is what drives a technology guy to keep up with the change. A great way to check this out is through questions like “Tell us about some problems that you have solved with technology” or “Take us through any one incident where you used Technology and how”. Even if you don’t understand much, it’s fine but what’s important here is to figure out how much detail he/she goes into while answering the question. His behavior and attitude will say it all.
  2. Communication: This is the second most important thing you should look in for but it isn’t specific to any language (English, Hindi etc.). Your IT Staff will be responsible for explaining or training the School staff at a lot of times and hence it’s extremely important that the staff members easily understand what’s explained and that’s only possible with the right content and the right style of explanation. A good way to validate this is by asking the most basic questions like “What is a computer” or “What is a software” etc. and expecting answers that get registered into the mind right away.
  3. Experience: This quality comes with a premium but is a great one to have. It’s always a bonus if you can hire experienced IT staff members who have worked on Education Technology implementations in the past because their experience not only helps the School execute better in terms of the Technology ideas and implementation but also helps you evaluate technology products in terms of it’s usefulness and success.