3 Key Checks Before Investing In Your Next Education Technology Product

Technology adoption in education is an emerging trend in India and a wave that every School wants to be a part of. While Interacting with Schools we sense that schools are now more open than ever to invest in technology products and have started believing in the power of technology and the impact it can bring in education.

Seeing this change as an opportunity, technology companies have started tapping the market by building products in quick time and pushing them hard into the market. A person creates it and a salesman goes out and sells it. This has been the story in a lot of cases. Finally the salesman wins by selling the product and in most of these cases the story ends in a sad note with the School getting no benefit and wasting all their money.

After listening to some of these bad experiences we thought of consolidating the facts and coming out with an effective check list, which could help Schools make the right decision while buying a technology product for their School.

  1. Evaluate whether it is a need or a want: This is one of the most important points when investing in any kind of technology product and one of the main reasons of it’s success or failure. You need to have a problem that’s becoming a pain for you and is hampering your School’s productivity. That’s the right time when you actually need to evaluate a piece of technology to solve your problem and improve productivity.
  2. Side project or core business: This is another crucial check which governs the long term success or failure of a technology product. Make sure you do a quick check on the company or vendor from which you are buying the technology product. If the vendor/company is already doing too much and what you are going to buy is just one of the services out of many, be extremely careful because chances of success are less specifically when you are looking for a long term impact.
  3. Try before you buy: This is something we have already talked about in one of our previous articles. Once you have a feel that you have found a piece of technology that solves your problem and you are all set to go ahead, just make sure that as a final step of evaluation you give it a shot before buying. All vendors have the option of a demo/trial for their products. Just experience the product and get some confidence before buying.

Hope these points prove to be helpful but in case you have something to add, feel free to post in the comments section.