3 Fields Every Modern Day School Admission Form Must Have

Every school has an admission process and one of the most important aspects of an admission process is filling out the admission form. Admission form is a piece of data that describes a student and can be referred to later for any kind of information about the student but that’s not it. We see a lot more use and power in the analysis of admission data which could help schools get a lot of useful insights.

Seeing how Schools capture and analyze data in SchoolPad, we thought of writing this post to explain the need of extending the existing form with 3 new form fields that are of great use in today’s time:

  1. Email Address: Keeping Parents informed about the progress of their child is extremely important and we see that email is emerging out as a popular communication medium among Indian parents. We have more parents than ever today who have their mail ids and use email as a communication medium specifically because of the integration in their mobiles and smart phones, which has made it a lot easier.
    Schools can use email communication effectively to keep Parents & Students informed and the best thing about it as a communication medium is that it is extremely economical, fast and saves a lot of paper.
  2. Do you use Facebook: Now this might sound slightly out of context but today, we see a lot of parents using facebook and a lot of Schools have already started using facebook as a medium to communicate with their existing parents and the outside world.
    With this piece of data schools can actually figure out how useful and effective facebook could be as a communication medium for their existing as well as potential parents and then plan their online communication campaigns accordingly.
  3. How did you hear about us: This is one of the most important pieces of information, which can help schools get an idea of how popular the School is among Parents and the mediums through which the popularity is most.
    This can have options like: School Website, Facebook Page, Google Search, Radio, Newspaper, from a friend or relative etc. and Parents can simply tick the appropriate option(s). Once the school has enough data, it can actually analyze the data and get useful insights about why people like them and how they can share their vision better to reach more people.

    I am working in a Govt. school in West Bengal. I have been working for 33+ years, first as Asstt.Mistress (English), next as Asstt.Headmistress and now as Headmistress. As a Govt. employee i have been transferred to many schools. From my experience i can say in Govt. schools in West Bengal there is no scope for us to communicate with parents online though personally i welcome it as it really saves time for an administrator. The cross section of parents we get is not net savvy or they lack training or mindset. I look forward to the time when we shall be availing of this facility. We have computer facility and laptop facilities with internet connection provided by the Govt.

    • admin

      Hello Mam, thanks for sharing your feedback. You are absolutely correct and that’s still a common scenario. We at SchoolPad are working hard to bring Parents close to the School thus bridging the gap because we find a lot of power in that. It’s just a matter of time and with devices going cheap and internet penetration increasing the scenario will surely improve and become better.