3 Essential Ingredients Most Schools Miss While Sharing Information Online

Today every Parent  wants to stay connected with what’s happening in the School and is extremely interested to know how his/her child is progressing. Because of the busy schedules of Parents and the amount of activity happening in Schools, parents get out of sync and as a result miss a lot of the important information.

To overcome this lot of Schools today try to share information with Parents through the online medium to make sure that the information reaches Parents, sitting at home, but still fail to deliver the information timely.

The purpose of this article is to help Schools understand the 3 most important ingredients required to successfully share information online with Parents and Students and keep them updated.

  1. Share: Sharing a piece of information is the first part, which should be simple and flexible. It should be able to take text as well as files, which can go as easily downloadable attachments to Parents. The sharing process should also be able to group the information so that the right information goes to the right parent and does not create a mess by showing information that has nothing to do with him. For example: A parent should only get information shared with him/her or with his/her child and not with others in the School. Ensuring this makes it easy for the Parent to consume information and he will find it useful enough to keep going.
  2. Notify: This is one of the most important ingredients because a Parent will not be available online all the time and hence he needs to get an alert when something is there for him/her so that he knows that there is a piece of information waiting for him to see. A lot of Schools miss this and end up failing to send information to Parents online successfully because even after sharing the information successfully, it never gets consumed. For Example: While sharing a piece of information let’s say a circular, there should be an SMS and an Email sent automatically to the concerned person so that he gets notified about the information. This increases the probability of him consuming the information.

    We see a lot of Schools sharing critical pieces of information like the circulars on their websites where in they just post the content to the website assuming that parents will then open and check it. With this approach chances of failure to consume the information are extremely high because a parent might not be able to open the School website every day.
  3. Track: This is the final ingredient and is again important because it gives the School an idea of people who have read the piece of information and even the ones who have not read it. With this information Schools can take the next action to make sure every one reads it in case the information is critical. This ensures that the information shared has been successfully consumed by the right people and hence makes it a “wow” experience for the School as well as for the Parent.

Making sure that these three ingredients are a part of your campaign will then ensure the success of it. We would like to hear your experiences/feedback in the comments section and would like to help you out with the same.