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Boost Teacher Productivity And Drive Exceptional Parental Engagement
Through Better Parent Teacher Communication
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Increase Your School's Efficiency With Better Automation, Frequent Communication And Improved Collaboration

All your student data organized in one place

Search and browse through any kind of student data and generate informational reports instantly

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Automate Grade Calculations, Examination Reports and Report Cards

Teachers just have to put in their marks and that's it. All grade calculations, reports, report cards and sharing results with parents and students happens automatically

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Keep Track of All Your Fee Collections

Online fee, offline fee, bank deposits or whatever mode it may be. You can now keep track of all your fee collections and communicate with defaulters using a single platform

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Take Parent-Teacher Communication To The Next Level

Teachers and staff members can share all student related context and updates with parents to keep them in sync with their child's progress from wherever they are

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Designed for Teachers to Boost Efficiencies and Improve
Communication with Parents
SchoolPad's simple yet powerful software platform is built specifically for school teachers and staff members to help  them be more efficient on their day to day administrative tasks and at the same time using the same platform to  keep parents more involved and informed.
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